Membership Of The Cambridge Bowling Club



All members of the Cambridge Bowling and Recreation Club Inc shall:

  • • Work towards the goals and objectives of the Club and the sport of lawn bowls, and towards the betterment of its members
  • • Maintain and improve the image and dignity of the Club and the sport of lawn bowling, and refrain from any behaviour which may discredit the club
  • • Always be courteous and objective in dealing with other members
  • • Refrain from unfavourable comments and criticisms of other members unless done through proper means
  • • Strive for excellence in all aspects of the sport while supporting the concept of fair play
  • • Show respect for cultural, social and political values of members
  • • As a guest or visitor to other clubs, abide by the laws of the sport and host club rules and adhere to bowls etiquette
  • • Know the Club Constitution and abide by its by- laws, policies and procedures
  • • Not act in a manner as to dishonour, embarrass or disgrace the Club or its members


  • Respectful of members, staff, families and guests – staff and members respectful of each other
  • Responsive – listen and respond to member concerns
  • Progressive – embrace change
  • Supportive – of local community. Club is proud to be part of the local community
  • Safe – safe environment for staff, members and friends. Modern, clean amenity where members and guests feel comfortable
  • Friendly – fun destination for socialising, dining and sporting activities
  • Family – welcome families and promote family values.
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