About Cambridge Bowling Club

A Brief History

The Cambridge Bowling and Recreation Club was formed in 2003 as a result of a merger between Floreat Bowling Club and City Beach Bowling Club.

Floreat Bowling Club was formed in 1954 and City Beach Bowling Club in 1959.

For various reasons the committees of both clubs decided that in the interests of members a merger between the both clubs was a desirable outcome.

Mr Ray Delmenico President of City Beach Bowling Club and Mr Barry Rubie President of Floreat Bowling Club were charged with the task of negotiating with the Town of Cambridge to facilitate the merger on behalf of and for the benefit of present and future members.

The merger became a reality and the club moved into magnificent new premises with two grass greens and two carpet greens in September 2003.

Mr Ray Delmenico was appointed as founding President of Cambridge Bowling and Recreation Club with Mr Barry Rubie Vice President.

The club has flourished in the ensuing years and has enjoyed success both on the green and as a warm and friendly place for community fellowship.

In 2012 the Cambridge Bowling and Recreation Club created history by winning the Premier League Pennant.

Vision and Values


To secure the long term future of the club by exploring ways to embrace our community, generate revenue and increase club usage and engagement.


  • Ensure the security of the club into the future at its present location and beyond the current lease period
  • Ensure long term financial viability
  • Effective governance and administration
  • Increase membership such that the club is the premier club within the Town of Cambridge and surrounding districts
  • Optimum player performance where all members have the opportunity to play bowls at the level required – pennant and social
  • Create an inviting and friendly club atmosphere that is enjoyed by members and encourages the local community to be part of the club.


  • Respectful of members, staff, families and guests – staff and members respectful of each other
  • Responsive – listen and respond to member concerns
  • Progressive – embrace change
  • Supportive – of local community. Club is proud to be part of the local community
  • Safe – safe environment for staff, members and friends. Modern, clean amenity where members and guests feel comfortable
  • Friendly – fun destination for socialising, dining and sporting activities
  • Family – welcome families and promote family values.

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